Marino's Pizza & Restaurant

1301 State St • Schenectady, NY 12304-2707

Dine-in or Take-out (518) 346-6992

Let's talk taste. Marino's works well for both individual slices and pies. Each slice has excellent ratios. The crispy crust works well with the thin layer of bright sauce and perfectly greasy cheese. In all the times I've been to Marino's, the crust has never been undercooked, thus avoiding a huge pet peeve of mine. Sometimes the pies suffer a tad on the way home, but what pie doesn't? The slices, though, are always on point.

Mike W.
Woodstock, NY

Great food! Great Service! Have eaten in and had take out! Love the pizza alway great! Dinners are good too!

I wish it was closer to home I would have it more often.

Janel H.
Troy, NY

Growing up, this was my family's neighborhood pizza joint.

And I still dream about this place. When I crave pizza, THIS is what I want. Perfectly gooey, melty cheese, meaty Italian sausage and mushrooms, perfect sauce, crispy/chewy crust with perfect thickness.

I will beg family members coming down to FL to bring me some Marino's.

Brandi B.
Sanford, FL

This place simply has great pizza. It's not novelty pizza, not wimpy gourmet pizza, you don't bake it yourself, and it's probably not all made from organic ingredients, but if you are looking for a genuinely good pie in the Schenectady area, this is the place.

Schenectady, NY